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Japanese Dishes

The special uniqueness of the Japanese kitchen is the delicate, natural elegance which dominates the taste experience. Even the aspect of the dishes and their presentation gives an idea of the fine, subtle taste and is an essential component of the meal or menu as a whole.

The Japanese love the sea and the Japanese cuisine is dominated by all the delicacies the sea provides. Another highly important quality in Japanese cooking is the requirement to bring out and emphasise the own and unique taste of each single ingredient to create a whole full of atmosphere and variety for both, eyes and tongue.

Most of our traditional recipes still consist of the original Japanese ingredients and spices which give the Japanese dishes their special taste and flavour. Our Teppan-Yaki specialties which we still prepare with the traditional Japanese methods and tools are a good example.

To also give consideration to current trends in the Japanese cuisine and to the modern taste of our valuable customers we allowed ourselves to modify and adapt a few of our recipes.

That way we hope to offer you an insight into the incredible variety and richness of Japans tasty and fine dishes.